Tayla Corney

is a visual storyteller from South Africa (born 1993). Raised in a country with diverse cultures, socio-economic differences and a painful history, his interest in imagery and representation started from a young age. Tayla acknowledges his need for tracing back the history of his country, using photography as his tool to do so.  

In 2018 Tayla was accepted to the prestigious Speos International School of Photography, where he completed his course in Creative Documentary Photography. In his time at Speos, Tayla worked with the likes of Antoine d'Agata, Stewart Franklin, Patrick Zachmann, Christina de Middel, Emin Ozmen, Lorenzo Meloni and Richard Kalvar, all members of the renowned photo agency Magnum. 

In 2019 Tayla was selected by Patrick Zachmann to be one of three students in his year to have their work featured on the Magnum Photos website. He was also invited to attend Canon's development programme at Visa pour L'Image where he was selected to present his work to the entire collective.

Tayla is currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

email taylacorney@gmail.com

Artist Statement

I am less concerned with aesthetics and techniques as I am with the content and the visual feeling of my work. To be technically sound is important, but I have always allowed myself the space and opportunity to disregard what you might learn at school. My photographs have always been based on a feeling first, and after finding a way to frame and capture it. 

When people look at my work I wish for them to feel something. Whether that is a positive or negative feeling is up to them. I have no desire to make what you could call "pretty' art. Artists like Roger Ballen and Antoine d'Agata have always been and remain important visual influencers of my work, challenging  what we regard as images as well as challenging the world as we know it. 

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